Beyond Violence

  • Original Title: Beyond Violence, a global platform for non-violent conflict transformation
  • Year: 2013
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Paul Steinheuer, Tim Williams
  • Organisation: Beyond Violence
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • URL:

In every country hit by conflict, in every community torn by violence, voices are calling for peace. They ring out, full of ideas. And yet these voices go unheard. This is where Beyond Violence steps in. We are a movement that listens to the voices of people caught in conflict zones, and we connect people all over the world- coming together as one powerful voice calling for peace. Together, we can demand a transformation of conflict beyond violence and engage the world in the steps towards constructing peace. We use the internet as a platform to engage in conflict resolution. Using our forum, victims of conflict from opposing sides can be connected and can engage in mediating and healing discussion in a safe and anonymous space.
We believe that in almost all cases violence exacerbates conflict situations, making a solution harder to reach. We strive to transform conflicts by engaging in non-violent interaction, seeking to set the foundations of long-term sustainable peace.