12 Responsible consumption and production13 Climate Action
  • Year: 2017
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Smart Settlements & Urbanization
  • Organisation: chargeNet
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • URL:

Sri Lanka’s first smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution, powered by IoT technology, fully automated, seamlessly networked operation. Level 2 to fast charging solutions, scalable load balancing mechanisms to facilitate green buildings, with smart access to data at all levels of the operation, across all users. chargeNET is an end-to-end platform with unique business models to support positive economic, social and environmental links. chargeNET mobile app and cloud based web application, enables smart monitoring, payments and station management, with access to over 50 chargers island-wide.


Designed and manufactured according to J1772 and CHAdeMO standards and is a 100% local solution for B2C and B2B. With over 2000 users, chargeNETs focus is to expand its services, offer futuristic regional and trans-border infrastructure that is safe, inclusive and accessible to the public for EV/ PHEV charging and green economy.