Complex Disease Detector

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  • Original Title: Complex Disease Detector
  • Year: 2015
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Allen Ali Mohammadi, Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi
  • Organisation: Complex Disease Detector
  • Country: Sweden
  • URL:

Complex Disease Detector is an accurate, non-invasive and inexpensive tool for screening & early diagnosis of coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart disease, which kills seven million people worldwide every year.

Using a patient’s standard medical data including a normal blood test, ECG & demographic data, Complex Disease Detector is a more precise decision support tool for doctors than current screening tools, and eliminates the need for unnecessary angiography operations. While medical data grows faster than the ability of healthcare systems to utilize it, technological advancements have made it possible to create different digital health solutions where healthcare and ICT meet.

With its data mining and machine learning approach, Complex Disease Detector also helps patients to discover whether they suffer from heart disease, even if they have no apparent symptoms. Complex Disease Detector is an award-winning invention successfully tested with more than 500 patients and based on machine learning, meaning it gets smarter and smarter over time: as more patients are tested, the more accurate it becomes.

Complex Disease Detector will save many lives and significant costs, impact positively on the health care system and bring value to individuals, research institutions, academia, the medical community and health care system as a whole.



Jury Evaluation:

“One of the best things data can enable us to do is to ask questions we didn’t know to ask. Complex Disease Detector is a brilliant example of this. I’d much rather have it’s machine learning system diagnose myself than the average doctor.” – EYA Grand Jury Report