KAMU Asthma

03 Good health and well-being

Know your lungs better with KAMU Asthma! Track your use of medication, symptoms and external triggers with a quick daily questionnaire, log your PEF results easily and stay on top of your lung condition with KAMU’s trend reports. Keeping an eye on the reports, you can even learn to predict your symptoms, see when your lung condition is declining and take action in time. The reports can also be easily shared to your healthcare professional or loved ones. KAMU even provides you with a local weather and air quality forecast, which helps you prepare for the day.


KAMU Asthma is a digital self-management service designed to help people with chronic respiratory conditions achieve a better treatment balance and collaborate better with their healthcare professionals. Due to the current pandemic, we decided to offer a modified version of our app for smartphone users in 18 European countries. The app is thus widely accessible and helps the user easily monitor their lung condition and detect possible decline or exacerbation at an early stage.


KAMU Health Ltd develops and markets digital therapeutics for respiratory-illness care. Through technology, KAMU provides users and their healthcare providers with better data to support treatment while empowering users to take a proactive role in managing their conditions. All KAMU’s services are founded on the latest evidence-based medicine and comply with local medical regulations in the US and Europe.