Directive Communications

09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

DCS is the first and only technology based solution that streamlines digital asset and online account directives management. Technology has made lives easier, however, for estate professionals, its added new and significant challenges. The average person has over 130 accounts including financial, social media, email, cloud based storage, ecommerce, crytocurrency and many more! Its easy for digital property and information to be hidden, lost or forgotten. Personal Representatives must identify and evaluate accounts for assets needing to be passed on to heirs. Legal professionals face a large and intricate maze of privacy policies, account holder agreements and governmental statutes. DCS facilitates the process for ALL stakeholders with a platform that captures individuals accounts and directives. When called upon, DCS communicates final wishes to site owners, complying with site owner Terms of Service Agreements and existing laws. DCS also provides site owners a service to manage their proprietary page.