04 Quality Education
  • Original Title: Edukraftas
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Darius Kniūkšta, Dovilė Pakutinskaitėm & Tadas Bielskis
  • Country: Lithuania
  • URL:

“Educraft” is a collective learning platform, based on an insanely popular computer game “Minecraft”. It enables 2nd to 8th grade school students to learn general subjects by implementing various highly immersive, creative and interesting missions: from building a space station on planet Mars to solving pollution problems in big cities. All these missions are taking place in a “block” world that is so well known and so attractive to the kids. While it feels like playing a game with friends, these missions (that are based on scientific knowledge of various subjects, from physics to mathematics, from chemistry to biology, from Lithuanian language to informatics) provide new knowledge to kids, fuel their creativity, increase their team working and computer literacy skills. The content of the missions is prepared in close collaboration with teachers, guaranteeing the quality of knowledge that is embedded into this game-based experience. The activities are organised remotely, thus enabling the kids from most remote areas of the country to participate in them, and providing a meaningful and enriching time with friends. What‘s more, “Educraft” encourages disadvantaged families to participate, too, and strives to reduce social exclusion between children from large and small cities, between those who have technological means and those who haven‘t - “Educraft” helps those children, by collaborating with their schools to provide them with necessary technologies. By the way, COVID-19 has increased the popularity of “Educraft” even more, due to the quickly risen demand for quality methods of remote learning.