EMMA – flexible living assistant

03 Good health and well-being10 Reduced inequalities
  • Year: 2016
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Inclusion & Empowerment
  • Producer: Oliver Bernecker
  • Organisation: exthex GmbH
  • Country: Austria
  • URL:

EMMA supports elderly people to cope with their daily challenges. The target is to lengthen the self-determined and independent life time of the individual and give the carer a feeling of security. An easy-to-use application on mobile devices and the television set, as well as the use of an avatar with human appearance ensure the intuitive interaction with the system. EMMA is able to create calendar entries, establish phone calls and take notes simply by voice input, EMMA also reliably reminds of medication intake, upcoming appointments and motivates physical activity. If the care-dependent person allows it, EMMA also communicates with relatives and professional contractors in care and medical treatment. The integrated communication system easily enables exchange with friends and family and supports mutual participation in each other’s social life. EMMA is created as a modular application. This way it is possible to adapt the amount of support to the individual need of the care-dependent person. EMMA works with devices common in every household (smart phone, tablet PC, TV) and can be taken into operation without professional help.