10 Reduced inequalities

The idea of Epooq is to create an experimental means for reliving past moments by recalling and telling stories. Epooq has three special features to reach the mark:

INSPIRATION: The content of the service consists of 1) user stories; 2) historical events; and 3) thematic memory keys that refer to life phases of the user. The guiding idea is to inspire the user to recall past moments and reflect those experiences.

STORYTELLING BY USING OWN VOICE: Epooq enables storytelling by using all avenues of multimedia. Users write texts, use images and record videos or audios, or mix these together. Video and audio are central functions. Stories gain a special quality when told by real voices, with personal intonation and slang.

SHARING EXPERIENCES: While content is normally private to protect the privacy of the user, stories can be published or shared with communities important to the user. A key part of publishing is the opportunity to see one’s own story in its historical context. Epooq is still developing on the basis of user feedback, but comments of the first customers and users indicate, that it is hitting the right spot.