ERTH – E-Waste Recycling through Heroes

  • Original Title: ERTH - E-Waste Recycling through Heroes
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Smart Settlements & Urbanization
  • Producer: Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry, Nahed Bedir Eletribi, Kelvin Lim, Katrina Doshi, Jayahanan Jayaraman
  • Country: Malaysia
  • URL:

ERTH is short for E-Waste Recycling through Heroes. The e-waste recycling
project offers free pick-up of superfluous smart phones, laptops, or
servers. ERTH motivates users with cash rewards to consumers and
businesses. Globally, a staggering 82.6% of discarded electronics are not
recycled, leading to toxic pollution and loss of valuable materials. ERTH
Heroes are gig economy workers collecting e-waste while earning a decent
wage. ERTH grades collected items as reusable, repairable, or recyclable.
For every $1 spent, ERTH generates an average of $3 in revenue,
ensuring sustainable and profitable operations and truly fulfilling
the circular economy.