Eye Build It Creator

09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure10 Reduced inequalities
  • Original Title: Eye Build It Creator
  • Year: 2019
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Adrian Wegener
  • Organisation: Eye Build It Creator
  • Country: Germany
  • URL:

In many parts of worldwide digital society, physically disabled people are blocked by technological hurdles. The Eye Build It Creator combines innovation in Eye-Tracking, User Experience Design and 3D-printing to enable inclusion, participation and therapeutic activities. Eye Build It Creator is an easy to learn 3D creative program in which the user builds objects with virtual blocks. The program is con-trolled with intuitive eye-trackers that make the application accessible even for physically disabled people who cannot use a mouse and keyboard.

In addition to the variety of positive effects on the user’s health, free time, job and level of integration, a connection to 3D-printers brings the 3D-objects into the real world, giving some users the chance to express themselves creatively and physically for the first time in their lives. The Eye Build It Creator online community gives users the chance to ex-change, talk and work collaboratively and is open to people with or without disabilities alike. Building for a more inclusive world!

Jury Evaluation:

Think if you were not able to use your hands or feet. Think if you were not able to speak or even to move your head to look in to the other direction. Think what it would be like, if the only thing you could do is to move your eyes. You would not be able to escape in to the virtual worlds of the modern mobile society, not to create anything or not even to communicate with your friends.
Eye Build It Creator can give paralysed people a new life filled with creation, friendship and worthwhile doing. It uses eye movement recognition to allow user to create forms out of simple 3D objects and to communicate with other users. All this by only moving their eyes. Compare the situation in the beginning and this new possibility; to create digital worlds and share your thoughts. Perhaps a new chance to live? – EYA Jury report