Fenek AI

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  • Original Title: FENEK AI: Dialectal Arabic and Multilingual Transcription
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Culture & Heritage
  • Producer: Ahmed Ali, Ryan Carmichael, Giri Nagaraja
  • Organisation: KANARI AI
  • Country: Qatar
  • URL:

Fenek AI is the first Middle East and Africa (MENA)-focused automatic
transcription, translation, and subtitling platform for dialectal languages.
With over 20 Arab countries in the region, each with its own set of dialects,
the Fenek AI platform serves over 400 million Arabic speakers.
Fenek AI provides inclusive technology for transcription of audio and
video files, online recordings of meetings, editing and downloading files
in multiple formats including subtitles. Making technology available to
consumers and providing workspaces for teams, Fenek AI navigates social
and cultural contexts to promote linguistic heritage.