Football-“Pass to get a better result!”

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesSDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

At the moment public administration is facing several problems, f.ex., “One Stop Agency” principle doesn’t work in real life yet; the client-oriented culture is not developed; employees are playing “bad football” with people: they are “passing” people to other institutions or experts even if all information could be provided at the same place. This cultivates bureaucracy and administrative burden. To change it the State Chancellery launched initiative “Let’s make less burden together!” Society appreciated this a lot and hundreds of useful and constructive suggestions were received. To strengthen this initiative the campaign “Pass to get a better result!” was launched and modern, digital tool for participation was created - mobile application “Football”. People can use this to “pass” – to evaluate the service and give immediate feedback about the quality of process, cooperation, and experience in general. The State Chancellery receives every feedback, considers it and regularly reports to the highest level – the Prime Minister, ministers and state secretaries in context about progress regarding development of efficient and professional public administration. Application also functions as database of public administration institutions (address, contact information, working hours, location in the map etc.) This is unique, digital society participation tool created by government within EU.