Fossil Web

SDG 4: Quality Education
  • Year: 2009
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Learning & Education
  • Producer: Nanjing institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Country: China
  • URL:

Fossil Web caters to the fascination of people in fossil-rich China where the number of knowledge-thirsty internet users has reportedly reached 253 million. With its commitment to promoting palaeontology, Fossil Web acts as a bridge between the world of science and the general public. Website visitors are able to access many resources, including up-to-date research, palaeontology news, and pictures of fossils, in order to obtain an insight into the evolution of once-living creatures. Visitors are also able to take advantage of a users' forum to share their pictures and experiences with other enthusiasts. In addition, a wealth of scientific articles summarized in an easy-to-understand way by young palaeontologists is readily available on Fossil Web for all visitors.