Gluten-Free Maps Europe

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  • Original Title: Gluten-Free Maps Europe
  • Year: 2013
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Giacomo Filippo Porzio, Mirjam Eiswirth, Manuel Engelstahl, Gianluca Nastasi, Chiara Marzocchi & Lana Pavkov
  • Organisation: Gluten-Free Maps Europe
  • Country: Italy
  • URL:

Up to one in 300 Europeans suffers from Coeliac disease, a chronic gastric illness that causes hypersensitivity to gluten. Those affected can learn to live with their condition, but this becomes decidedly problematic when they want to travel. How is one supposed to find gluten-free food along the way? The website Gluten-Free Maps Europe provides a solution. An interactive map helps coeliacs to find gluten-free shops and restaurants all over Europe. The platform also allows users to exchange cooking recipes and gives access to ratings and reviews of places they have visited, thus helping travelers to enjoy carefree meals on their journeys.