Human and Nature. ICT-based integrated course of natural sciences for classes 5, 6

04 Quality Education

“Human and Nature” is an ICT-based integrated course of natural sciences for 12-14 year-old Lithuanian pupils. Based on thorough pedagogical research and results of pilot projects, natural science meets modern information technology in a fully comprehensive online environment. Virtual learning and teaching content is attractively packaged in the form of over 1700 learning objectives, which are presented via site-demonstrations, laboratories, and quizzes. An online encyclopedia and thesaurus complements course content.  Coordinated by SPC, a department of the Lithuanian Ministry of education, the project has been integrated into the curriculum of schools throughout the country. A team of educational experts colloborated during the process to produce literature on methodological recommendations for practice and changes to the natural sciences curriculum, alongside developing a comprehensive user manual. Following the project’s success, proposals are now being drafted for similar courses in Lithuanian language, and natural sciences for 15-16 year-olds.