Karma Currency Website

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The karma currency foundation was set-up to revitalize the philanthropic landscape in Australia. Karma currency is Australia's first online gift voucher website for charitable donations, offering non-profit agencies - big and small - the chance to use the site as a new fundraising channel, with 100% of all donations going to their charity. The site explains this new concept in an easy and straightforward manner to users, providing an intuitive user experience for a diverse target audience, in the hope of converting browsers into purchasers. Charities that sign-up for the first time are reviewed and approved by karma and, once accepted, are able to complete their profiles and upload products for customers to purchase. With new charities signing up and content changing daily, the workflow and approval process demands that karma have complete control over all content on the site. A Content Management System platform has therefore been developed to give karma staff complete autonomy in managing the site, with the tools to manage charity partners, content workflow, financial reporting and the generation of reports for the Australia Taxation Office.