04 Quality Education
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  • Year: 2022
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Learning & Education
  • Producer: Steffina Yuli
  • Country: Indonesia
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94% of Indonesian students consider distance learning costly, and 6 in 10 schools do not have adequate internet access to learn online. A 2020 survey states that 7 in 10 students today are learning through low-data apps like Whatsapp. Can you imagine doing school everyday through a simple messaging app?


Kipin doesn't stop where internet does: they digitize schools in just 3 minutes. Through their smart IoT device called Kipin Classroom, they enable teachers and students to access 60,000 curriculum books, videos, quizzes and administer digital tests in their classrooms without internet. Users stand within 15 meters of the Kipin device to access its EduSpot wifi and download-and-go a full library of content to study at home, or take paperless tests in class with their own device.