SDG 4: Quality Education
  • Year: 2012
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Learning & Education
  • Producer: Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft
  • Country: Austria
  • URL:

There are many jobs where it’s not possible to google, employees simply have to know the facts on the spot, especially in direct contact with customers or clients. This is especially pertinent for medical doctors, nurses, policemen, or sales people, but also teachers.

KnowledgePulse® (KP) is a push e-learning solution, allowing users to integrate learning into their daily routines. The client-server system supports knowledge acquisition via a smart system of repetition, using intelligent learning cards that are tailored to mobile learning and presented in a personalized manner. KP creates value for companies and public administrations by securing their training investments and makes sense for individuals by ensuring their knowledge uptake even when there is little time to learn. The KP solution makes learning, content authoring and administration easy! While the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi uses KP to support its Excellence Program, KP is used in several Bahraini ministries, whether call centre training in the Ministry of Housing or doctor/nurse education in the Ministry of Health. Corporate customers include the Austrian Railways Corporation (IT trainings), the supermarket chain MPREIS (apprentice training), and specialized training outfits like Netdoktor (Continuous Medical Education) or Primas (Project Management).