Triumfland Saga

03 Good health and well-being
  • Original Title: Vaimse tervise tugi lastele vanuses 7-12
  • Year: 2022
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Health & Well Being
  • Producer: Triin Lokk, Kadri Haljas, Leandro Gil
  • Country: Estonia
  • URL:

Triumf Health seeks to empower children and help them take their mental health journey into their own hands!


Through a game environment children learn about emotions and regulation of emotions, how to handle stress , how to cope with anxiety, get practical knowledge about mental health and tips on how to improve your wellbeing, and knowledge about healthy habits and routines. Through the course of the gameplay Triumf Health promotes wellbeing, empowers children and prevents the onset of mental health disorders later in life. Triumf Health solution is science-based, engaging and helpful!