Migrant Connection

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  • Year: 2020
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Inclusion & Empowerment
  • Producer: Carmen Patricia Mercado Sánchez
  • Country: Mexico
  • URL:

Conexión Migrante is an independent digital media outlet for Mexican and latino immigrants in the US and their families in their countries of origin. The platform provide basic and useful information and have a close relationship with the audience. Through a call center Conexión Migrante provide personalized information and advice on procedures. The platform just launched WikiMigrante, the most powerful search engine for procedures, processes and advices for Mexican and Latino migrants in the United States.


Migrant Connection is creating something so far non-existent - an immigrant database through the creation of the free membership and WikiMigrante is a clear example of the use of information technologies to assist and help a vulnerable segment of the population. The platform has more than 2.5 million annual users, with 9 million registered visits.