Mira – Play your way to recovery

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  • Original Title: Mira - Play your way to recovery
  • Year: 2016
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Alina Călin, Andrei Cantea, Andrei Dascălu, Cosmin Mihaiu
  • Organisation: Mira
  • Country: Romania
  • URL:

MIRA Rehab is a medical software platform to motivate people needing rehabilitation to get better in a faster, easier and fun way reminiscent of an XBOX where a variety of clinically built video-games tailored to the patient’s physiotherapy program can be played. MIRA can be used both in the clinic and at home, allowing patients to be monitored remotely, and to perform more accurate exercises, resulting in faster recovery times. For therapists, MIRA offers a patient management dashboard for prescribing Exergames programs and for tracking patient adherence, improvement and symptoms such as pain or fatigue. MIRA Rehab is currently being used in 30 institutions globally for a variety of conditions and patients of all ages. MIRA is especially attractive to children who sustain severe injuries at a young age and require surgery. This low-cost technology can have a substantial impact on children’s lives, by helping to overcome scary experiences more quickly and smoothly.

Jury Evaluation:

“Sustaining severe injuries or surgery at a young age is a tremendously challenging experience for children and oftentimes quite scarry. MIRA aims to help children overcome this experience more quickly and smoothly by making the rehabilitation process fun and convenient. The application works like an XBOX game where the patient can play a variety of games tailored to an individual physiotherapy programme. MIRA is integrated into the physiotherapy program of 20 clinics and has been used by over 230 patients successfully. This proves the substantial impact that this technology can have on children’s lives. The solid business model, proposing a low cost per use, demonstrates a remarkable potential for rapid market expansion and sustainable technological development.” – EYA Grand Jury Report