09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Ithmaar Bank's MobiCash is a new product allowing customers to withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without a card. A first of its kind, the innovative MobiCash cardless cash withdrawal solution changes the way people in Bahrain access cash, allowing third parties to withdraw cash conveniently and securely from Ithmaar ATMs. Extremely simple to use, all that users need is an Ithmaar Bank e-banking ID. MobiCash works as follows: the MobiCash sender, an Ithmaar Bank customer with either an active current or saving account and access to e-banking, adds the MobiCash receiver to the MobiCash beneficiary list via e-banking. The MobiCash sender then sends money to the MobiCash receiver’s Bahraini mobile number. The MobiCash receiver gets an sms with the MobiCash reference number and a code. The receiver activates the MobiCash service at any Ithmaar Bank ATM by means of the dedicated button. After successfully entering all the details sent via sms, the MobiCash receiver gets the cash. MobiCash is supported by a network of 39 ATMs across Bahrain, making cash available virtually anywhere, at any time.