myBlee Math

04 Quality Education

myBlee Math is a comprehensive application that covers all the math topics a child needs to learn until he / she is 12 years old. myBlee Math is mobile only and iOS exclusive, for the time being. myBlee Math delivers a unique education experience combining educational best practices (from around the world) and most advanced tablet-based interactivity functionalities. The tablet talks to the child who can write his / her answer on the screen. Children can use math tools such as the protractor or the ruler, on the tablet. Children mistakes are detected and explained to the child - thanks to the "embarked" teacher. myBlee Math enables children to learn with great level of autonomy and fun. myBlee is available in English, French and Spanish.

Children are the main users of the application. They are guided through the curriculum based on their grade and level / progress. And they can progress at their own pace. In the classroom, myBlee Math enables teachers to individualize the teaching, enabling children to progress at their pace. The teachers eventually become the knowing coach. At home myBlee Math provides the great pedagogy that parents do not necessarily master and it also provides parents tools to monitor and drive the progress and work of the children on the iPad or on their iPhone.