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  • Original Title: Pixis
  • Year: 2018
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Aloïs Gaborit, Borna Scognamiglio, Wissam Sammouri
  • Organisation: Pixis
  • Country: France
  • URL:

Pixis is a web platform helping thousands of youngsters find meaningful degrees and targeted jobs. The platform gathers innovative services providing college and career guidance enhanced by data visualization and artificial intelligence. In an increasingly complex and fast changing global work environment due to digital transformation processes, services guiding young generations towards jobs guaranteeing personal and professional fulfilment are of essence.

Early and effective college guidance plays a crucial role in future employability, thus boosting life trajectories. Thanks to sophisticated data mining, data visualization techniques and machine learning algorithms, Pixis is better able to structure and deliver information, matching degrees with job opportunities. The process of finding colleges or jobs is more than about money or status, but also about values.

Pixis has a mission to relate jobs to the sustainable development goals using new techniques, while staying user-centered.


Jury Evaluation:

“Pixis is innovative for several reasons: it has a mission, Jobs are related to one of the sustainable development goals; the process of finding colleges or jobs is more than money or status, but also about values; it is personal development in a social and economic context; the platform products and business model allow a technical and financial scalability; the tools they use to build, explore and show results are based on datamining and data-visualization. The interacton design combined with newest technology and a social mission makes them super designers for the future. PIXIS: value driven, new techniques, user-centered, sustainable.” – EYA Jury Report