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  • Original Title: Plan.uni
  • Year: 2017
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: Martin Kamleithner, Christoph Enne, Daniel Kaiser
  • Organisation: Plan.uni
  • Country: Austria
  • URL:

Students are familiar with the problem of creating a semester schedule, spending hours in front of the computer with dozens of websites open to find a bearable combination of courses. plan.uni is a digital course schedule planner for university students in Vienna to find a combination of courses and extracurriculars that does not overlap with part-time jobs or other duties. In a mathematical sense, creating a schedule with no overlaps is a matter of pure combinatorics and therefore tedious if conducted manually.

plan.uni offers an algorithm to do the job quickly, free of charge with access for all. During the term, the online calendar continues to automatically update lecture changes, while users discover other study-related events, such as public lectures around campus and in the city. Building on a barebones version and having discovered that no similar solution exists, the authors have dedicated their holidays to this cause, continuing to improve the app to help thousands of people.


Jury Evaluation:

“PLAN.UNI deserves to be recognized. It’s a smart extension to an application we all regardless age, language or culture, use on a day to day basis in personal and business life.
PLAN.UNI is a compatible app you can integrate and match with your calendar. PLAN.UNI opens up a new way to monetize an asset we are already familiar with and attached to. That asset is time management. Scheduling in today’s world became a part time activity. Having an agenda supposed to eliminate time we can use to our own advantage, yet we spend most of our time overlapping, adjusting, amending schedules.
PLAN.UNI at first is focusing supporting those who need assistance the most to adjust to new environments they ought to handle individually and professionally. Students attending at universities. A generation old enough to appreciate and young enough to talk about and promote. A generation using digital media and technology to every day life and a generation that has no limitations to cross countries or continents. PLAN.UNI is the perfect tool to be used to track activity of friends, upcoming events of interest and ongoing lectures, deadlines and programs. All at one place, synced in the cloud will make you to never miss an appointment, important meetings or gathering whether its on or off campus. PLAN.UNI is a problem solver, that keeps us on track to complete tasks and manage the “musts”, while it keeps a perfect balance with what students socially seek for their “needs”. The importance of having the two complimenting each other will lead to the success of the person, in this particular case to the success of the student, which one day will become the generation moving our world forward. –  EYA Grand Jury Report