Play my Jamz

08 Decent work and economic growth10 Reduced inequalities
  • Year: 2011
  • Award: WSA Young Innovators
  • Category: Young Innovators
  • Producer: Akinyele Olubodun
  • Country: Nigeria
  • URL:

Playmyjamz is a web application to strategically promote less privileged artists and their songs for free in the ever-changing and sometimes ruthless music industry. It encourages the upcoming artist to be focused and stay away from crime. Structural disadvantages, poverty and corruption make it virtually impossible for anyone with talent who has successfully recorded songs to promote these songs. The Playmyjamz application allows users to upload their favourite songs from the site, together with the musician’s profile and pictures, so that people can get to know them. Musicians invite their families and friends, together with the online base community, to nominate their songs for special recognition. The top nominated artists are interviewed in a free monthly magazine and on the radio.