Ricult Agriculture Tech

13 Climate Action15 Life on Land
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Environment & Green Energy
  • Producer: Aukrit Unahalekhaka
  • Country: Thailand
  • URL:

Ricult developed mobile application for farmers to increase their income through best-in-class real time actionable farming advice, access to recommended farm inputs (fertilizers and seeds), markets to sell their products, and access to affordable loan. Ricult technology has impacted over 250,000 farmers to date in Thailand where Ricult aims to increase the overall food supply and boost food security for the region.


Ricult leverages machine learning and satellite imagery to help farmers increase farm productivity and access affordable loans, helping lift them out of poverty. Rather than relying on luck and praying for rain, Ricult provide data-driven recommendations and insights to farmers through smartphone App to make the best possible farming decision to increase their productivity. On the other hand, Ricult crunch weather/satellite data of the farmland to help banks analyze farming risks and connect to market.