MENU –– a free, social-curated, gamified community learning platform

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  • Original Title: –– a free, social-curated, gamified community learning platform (for the beta launch yet only on UX/UI design)
  • Year: 2021
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Learning & Education
  • Producer: Gábor Kaizer, Bettina Tigyi
  • Country: Hungary
  • URL: stands for the “Skill Input/Output Network – it’s a new, social, community breed of e-learning, providing a skill development platform, free of charge, via a business model & service design innovation, and which rewards its users for their learning achievements.  Think of Skillio’s base product layer as Pinterest for learning – where “lessons” are the pins, and the learning “modules” are the pinboards. Their mantra: "Earn as you learn for free!". Skillio is focused on building a new paradigm in the professional learning space – the Social Learning Network.


Its knowledge base is a crowdsourced content mashup, socially curated quality-checked online resources (like links to articles, blog posts, videos, tutorials, papers, etc.) about a given professional subject. Then the knowledge selections are edited and put into streamlined learning paths, optionally with test quizzes. To boost engagement, the experience has been gamified with company-sponsored unique Learning Contests, and Reward Credits for learning achievements. Currently, the platform is under beta-testing with the UX/UI design profession.