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03 Good health and well-being
  • Original Title: - Irelands Youth Website
  • Year: 2013
  • Award: WSA European Young Innovators
  • Category: European Young Innovators
  • Producer: John Buckley, Marie Duffy, Niamh Farrell, Ian Power
  • Organisation:
  • Country: Ireland
  • URL: is a website led and run by young people for young people. Our service promotes positive mental health, general wellbeing and healthy living in order to reduce harmful behavior amongst young people and enable them to live happy, healthy lives where they can avail of opportunities and build a bright future for themselves. One of our core objective’s is to provide educational and informative information to as many individuals between the age of 16 and 25 on the island of Ireland. The internet is the tool that helps us achieve our ambition.

At the time of writing hosts over 750 articles which are a mix of youth opinions and professionally checked health information. The range of topics covered is enormous, spanning from sexual health information to support articles for those who may be out of work. Despite the large variety of material they are all tied together by a number of key principals; they promote positive living and wellbeing, they are written in a youth friendly and easy to understand tone, they are non-judgemental and there is no advertising motive behind the content.