The Extraordinaries

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The Extraordinaries is a crowd sourcing smartphone software that allows volunteers to perform small tasks on their smartphones in just a few minutes. “Be Extra” enables anyone to do a social good from any place on Earth within cell phone reception and makes it feel like a game. One’s spare time can be used for science, medicine, nonprofits and more. One could help to translate micro-finance loan applications, assist in transcribing subtitles for human rights videos, teach Immigrants in English, collect data on urban birds - done by everyday people directly on their smartphones during a few free moments. With The Extraordinaries system, small windows of spare time might have a major social impact as the new technology creates thousands of possibilities. Using mobiles puts a direct link to social good in the pockets of over 100 million American people. Furthermore, the system’s functionalities will be expanded over the coming months to increase the capacity for organizations to achieve their MDG missions.