Inclusion & Empowerment



Aurat Raaj is an award-winning social enterprise from Pakistan with a mission to educate & empower girls from developing countries about their health using power & scale of technology. Aurat Raaj educates young girls about taboo topics such as honor killings, child abuse, sexual harassment, child marriages, menstruation, and inspires them to take up activities such as entrepreneurship, boxing and self-defense.




  • This challenge is written for student who are specialists in market strategy and market expansion, interested in using technology for solving global health issues - technology especially AI for social good, sustainable development and rural innovation. 
  • The task is to strategize how to reach women and girls with reproductive health knowledge in low-income rural areas with low connectivity, lack of internet infrastructure & lack of access to mobile devices in the post-pandemic era.  
  • The outcome would be used to pilot the strategy in a new market to test the proposed solutions’ effectiveness. 
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to provide strategies and ideas to reach the most disconnected audiences so that we can scale health knowledge for all.

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Culture & Tourism



Baahdy & Birdy is a company from Northern Norway founded by three entrepreneurs with many years of experience from working with culture, and especially culture for children. The goal for Baahdy & Birdy is to make it more fun for children to learn about and experience Norway (and other countries) in a sustainable way. This is done by presenting museums and similar attractions on platforms that appeal to children and in their own language using animations, humour, animals, and games.




  • This challenge is written for student who are interested in finance, travel, communication and/or programming etc.    
  • The task is to find out how we can get more children to use the app (at the attractions) and to make sure they use it over and over again 
  • The outcome would be used to scale the business and to get more recurring customers. 
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to come up with useful ideas on how to engage the children and get them to use the app so that we can implement them and get more users 

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Health & Well Being

United States


ClickMedix was born at MIT with the mission of improving the health of over a billion people, by enabling existing health organizations to serve more patients, while lowering operational costs, through point-of-care health technologies, diagnostics, telemedicine, aggregated patient records, and mobile phones. ClickMedix provides an all-in-one, mobile-powered telemedicine disease management platform to deliver high-quality, end-to-end healthcare to improve user wellbeing and safety.




  • The task is to develop a “Novel Marketing Program and Methodology” to help care services for seniors to adopt modern marketing methods including both digital and in-person outreach & marketing methods.

Incited by the Covid-19 pandemic, marketing and outreach efforts for care services can no longer be in-person only. This calls for opportunity to introduce new outreach and marketing methods for care services that use traditional marketing methods (in-person events, newspaper ads, etc.). For this challenge, we are targeting senior care services such as assisted living communities, home care agencies, and other senior disease management companies, and help transform how they reach out to seniors to be both online and in-person.


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Learning & Education



DEF is a social responsible organization working for the last two decades towards enabling people to make their lives better through the use of digital technology and various digital intervention programs. DEF closely works with communities to give them easy access to information through digital literacy programs, digital livelihood opportunities, internet connectivity etc.




  • This challenge is written for students who are interested in the topic of fake news as well as in using technology for the benefit of society.
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to provide a strategy on how to validate the authenticity of news on the internet and propose a working model on how a system can be set up where people can take assistance of the technology to check the news authenticity.
  • The outcome would be used to implement a system to give people a way to validate news before acting upon them.


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Business & Commerce

United States/Rwanda


Leaf is a fintech startup that provides cross-border digital financial services on a mobile device - no smartphone required. Leaf is addressing the 79.5 million forcibly displaced refugees and migrants globally through a digital wallet developed on the Stellar distributed ledger. Leaf started in East Africa with a live product in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda through our USSD product and smartphone app on Google Play Store and App Store.




  • This challenge is written for students who are interested in the global challenges facing refugees and migrants. 
  • The task is to evaluate the best way that Leaf can responsibly drive international donations to its refugee customers through the Leaf digital wallet (a for-profit business) while respecting and maintaining the dignity of refugees. 
  • The outcome would be used to drive low-cost financial support from donors around the world to Leaf’s refugee customers directly to each customer’s Leaf wallet. 
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of sourcing donations from around the world to our customers so that we can provide urgently needed financial resources to our customers to be able to support their families. A successful strategy would incorporate an analysis of regulations, marketing, tax implications, ethics, data privacy, and technology. 


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Learning & Education



LAL is an ed-tech NGO that strives to give every child access to free quality education. This is done through online digital programs and offline access solutions. The social business believes in using technology as an equalizing force to reduce the gap between privileged and underprivileged access to education. Today, LAL is working with the Ministry of Education’s Center for Educational Research and Development to become the official e-platform for the Lebanese curriculum.




  • This challenge is written for students who have a background in business and management. Knowledge in education is beneficial.
  • The challenge is to empower teachers and keep them motivated to stay and teach in Lebanon, despite the current situation.
  • A successful team working on this task would use a contextualized approach that includes teachers to find a solution and develop a strategic action plan.


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Inclusion & Empowerment



WaytoB is a social enterprise with the vision to make the world more accessible to everyone, regarding of their level of ability. The waytoB app is an independent navigation software that empowers vulnerable individuals to quickly and safely learn new routes, so they can become independent travellers. It provides intuitive, icon-based directions based on real time location and orientation data, which makes the navigation experience as easy and stress free as possible to the user.




  • This challenge is for students who have an interest in business planning and investigating effective ways to introduce a new product to the market.
  • The task is to explore different route to market strategies that waytoB can use to acquire new clients and scale quickly.
  • A successful team working on this project will have a final report including the strategies explored and recommending a plan of action for waytoB.

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