Voices from the network: Sachi Wickramage, Serial Entrepreneur

A WSA National Experts Portrait


Sachi Wickramage is a strong believer in bringing sustainable change to the world, by committing to businesses with a purpose. He is a strategist, business developer, usability engineering expert, co-founded numerous mobile/wearable ventures and is currently devoted to i4T Global. In 2015, Sachi was a WSA winner with FlipBeats, a comprehensive and user-friendly music app which provided a truly professional music listening experience. Since then, Sachi has become an indispensable part of the WSA community as the Australian National Expert, and Grand Jury Member.




Give us an insight into Australia’s local ecosystem and tell us about the biggest challenges for digital impact ventures in your country.


The Australian startup ecosystem is a dynamic and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations. The Australian government is actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, especially through initiatives such as the Entrepreneurs Program, which provides assistance with funding and support for businesses. There is a growing network of innovation hubs, incubators, and accelerators, with access to mentorship and assistance with funding.


Even though the Australian startup ecosystem is relatively new, there's a series of highly successful startups who have emerged as unicorns – such as Canva, Airwallex, SafetyCulture and many more. These companies have managed to secure significant investments from both local as well as international investors – which has allowed Australia to establish itself as a hub for both innovation and entrepreneurship.


On the other side, there are multiple challenges we face in the Australian startup ecosystem. First, the limited access to skilled talent, which restraints many startups to quickly grow and scale their business. Secondly, another challenge is the limitation in investment capital, primarily at the early stages of startups. Regardless of these limitations, the Australian startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving and there is a growing sense of optimism and excitement about the potential to drive innovation and contribute to the country's economy.



What is your personal reason to be involved with WSA?


Being with the World Summit Awards since 2015, I've had the opportunity to experience the positive impact that WSA can have on digital impact makers from around the world, firsthand. There are mainly three reasons why I continue to be involved with WSA global network.


I believe in the power of technology to make positive social impact. WSA provides the world's best platform for digital innovators and impact makers to showcase their work on a global stage each year. It is extremely inspiring to see the creative and innovative ways in which technology is used to solve some of the biggest problems that we face today.


I greatly appreciate the diversity and inclusivity that WSA embodies. As a member of the Grand Jury and the National Expert for WSA Australia, I've had the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and different backgrounds all working towards this common goal – to use technology for greater good. This has broadened my perspective and allowed me to learn from others who have different experiences and insights.


I believe that WSA plays an important role in creating a more sustainable and equitable world. By recognizing and promoting digital impact makers, WSA helps to build a community of changemakers who are using technology to create positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes. I personally feel it's my privilege to be part of this global community of changemakers for greater good.


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