Winners’ Stories – Advancing Media and Information Literacy

During UN's Global Media and Information Literacy Week, it is imperative to acknowledge the escalating challenge of navigating an information landscape marred by rumors, distortion, and the blurring of truth and falsehood. In this age, our societies, democracies, and even individual lives are imperiled by the rampant spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and populism. The establishment of dependable reference points and the cultivation of rational thinking have never been more critical. This is precisely where initiatives like Monitor Social come to the forefront, illuminating the path to enhanced digital literacy and the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Monitor Social: Turning data into insights

In 2021, Monitor Social emerged as a beacon of social understanding and secured the WSA Award for Government & Citizen Engagement. This innovative platform engages in continuous and systematic analysis of Chilean society, offering real-time social reports for citizens, businesses, and organizations. It effectively addresses the urgent need for trustworthy observations of people's behaviors, experiences, interests, and aspirations in contemporary Chile.

Evolving Social Analysis with "Live" Data

Traditional methods of social analysis, such as surveys and focus groups, often fall short in comprehending the rapid changes in today's society. Monitor Social aims to complement these conventional approaches with "live" sources of social information. It delves into news portals, social media, web searches, discussion forums, e-commerce platforms, and cultural repositories, expediting the understanding of Chile's social processes. This empowers leaders, citizens, businesses, and organizations to stay in sync with the evolving landscape of the country.

Celebrating Social Innovation in Digital Literacy

Monitor Social embodies the essence of media and information literacy, offering pragmatic solutions to the challenges posed by the digital era. They exemplify the significance of harnessing technology, citizen engagement, and data-driven insights to champion transparency, accountability, and societal advancement. As we commemorate Global Media and Information Literacy Week, let this narrative inspire our collective journey toward a more informed and empowered world.


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