Winner Stories – Innovative Solutions for Sustainable and Healthy Urban Living

World Cities Day, celebrated annually on October 31st, is an occasion to highlight the importance of sustainable urban development and the role it plays in promoting the well-being of city dwellers. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the critical connection between urbanization, health, and sustainability. As World Cities Day 2023 approaches, WSA will explore three remarkable winners of the WSA Smart Settlements and Urbanization Category, each contributing to the vision of healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

Recognizing Pioneers of Urban Transformation

The WSA Smart Settlements & Urbanization category celebrates urban innovation, and the projects that are shaping the future of cities worldwide. It spotlights ICT solutions that drive economic productivity, inclusive employment, sustainable infrastructure, and smart mobility. These solutions enhance urban living by creating green public spaces, strengthening links between urban and rural areas, and promoting climate resilience. They also provide access to critical data, empowering citizens to make informed decisions. As WSA celebrates World Cities Day 2023, this category plays a crucial role in realizing the vision of sustainable, smart, and inclusive cities. Here are three remarkable winners of this category of WSA awards.

CREE Buildings: A Blueprint for Tomorrow

The CREE Buildings is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to revolutionizing sustainable building practices for large-scale structures. It aims to combine stunning design with forward-thinking urban sustainability. CREE offers a global network of professionals committed to sharing expertise in sustainable construction methods.

  • The Heart of Sustainability

    CREE prioritizes sustainability in construction, aiming to digitize and reorganize conventional processes. The focus is on sustainable and healthy buildings, primarily using prefabricated timber-based components.

  • The Power of International Cooperation

    The CREE Platform brings together partners from Europe, Asia, and North America to create sustainable buildings using the CREE System. This collaborative effort empowers partners to adapt and evolve their construction practices continually.

  • Creative Visionaries Leading Innovation

    CREE's vision is not just about meeting market demands but also spreading sustainable building practices through collaborative innovation. This innovative spirit is driven by the needs and creativity of its community, resulting in a refined timber-hybrid system for versatile prefabricated building construction.

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Rombit: Ensuring Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability for Frontline Workers

Rombit is dedicated to improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability for frontline workers in industries prone to accidents. With a focus on IoT solutions, Rombit addresses real-time safety concerns and worker efficiency.

  • In the Name of Safety

    Rombit understands the power of real-time notifications to prevent accidents. Their solutions not only provide immediate alerts but also offer long-term analytics to enhance worker safety procedures.

  • Boosting Efficiency and Cutting Costs

    By improving efficiency, Rombit simultaneously reduces safety risks and operational costs. Efficient operations lead to fewer accidents, cost savings, and a decrease in CO2 emissions.

  • The Power of Real-time Risk Assessment

    Rombit's real-time safety monitoring and analytics platform offer a holistic view of risks and alerts. It supports multiple use cases, ensuring immediate tangible results for worker safety.

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RaSpect: AI and Robotics in Infrastructure Monitoring

RaSpect's mission is to harness the power of AI and robotics technology to enhance infrastructure inspection and monitoring. Their intelligent platform promotes safety, serviceability, and sustainability in built infrastructure.

  • AI Revolution

    RaSpect's AI platform streamlines property inspections, providing stakeholders with valuable insights. It significantly increases cost-efficiency while ensuring data compliance and security.

  • Empowering the Evolution of Smart Cities

    RaSpect aligns with the global Smart City initiative, facilitating the transition to safer, greener, and smarter urban environments. Their innovation contributes to standardized and reliable infrastructure assessments.

  • A Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

    By integrating AI into property inspections, RaSpect promotes safety and ESG sustainability, enhancing the quality of urban infrastructure.

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As WSA celebrates World Cities Day 2023 with this year’s theme of "Financing sustainable urban future for all," it's evident that these WSA Smart Settlement and Urbanization winners are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that align perfectly with the goals of the day. They emphasize sustainability, safety, efficiency, and collaboration in urban development, ultimately contributing to the creation of healthier and more sustainable cities for all. These visionary initiatives demonstrate that the future of urban living can be not only smart but also socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

Written by:
Sonique von Schmidsfelden