About the WSA team

The WSA headquarters are located in Salzburg, Austria. WSA is one of the activities of the non-profit organization International Center for New Media. The WSA office is responsible for the organisation of the awards and events, enabled and supported by its international network and community.

WSA team is happy to talk to you about any questions, feedback or propositions concerning the WSA and its events.

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Chairperson of the Board

Peter A. Bruck

WSA Chairperson


WSA Team

Nora Wolloch

Executive Manager


Katharina Weber


Isabelle Robertson

Digital Community Engagement


Michaela Gelnarová

Global Network Lead


Hanna-Mari Ristimäki

Global Youth Engagement Facilitator

Atabo David

Youth Ambassador Network Africa


Luka Kalas

Finance Manager

Christian Bolorinos

Digital Designer


Hania Fedorowicz

Editorial and content quality ensurance


Kordian Bruck

Web Support & Database Administration


Sonique von Schmidsfelden

WSA Project Assistant

Anna Aldedja

WSA Project Assistant