02 Zero hunger09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Year: 2017
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Business & Commerce
  • Producer: Mr. Elma Hot
  • Organisation:
  • Country: Montenegro
  • URL: aims to help beekeepers overcome the traditional challenges of beekeeping, by providing beekeepers with technological assistance. Our smart monitoring system for beehives consists of a microprocessor unit for measuring all significant parameters: local humidity, temperature, collected amount of honey, bees health through sound. We are collecting data on our cloud and we are analyzing it. Thanks to our data analytics, beekeepers can be alarmed on time if something is happening with their bees (i.e. swarming).We want to understand bees by using data mining and machine learning algorithms on collected data. With this, we can help increase number of bees, one of the endangered species.

During this year we are running pilot on more than a 50 locations. Our goal for this year is to collect data for data mining algorithms and collect feedback from our beekeepers.