Dubai Police App

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Dubai Police app has excelled in providing content and services to UAE residents. The app is well balanced in terms in delivering the right content to the end user, and the services that affects that citizen life. The app was well design and the attention to details made the reach to the services easy. The application is equipped with SOS service that has great impact on saving a citizen life. The improved the depth of services, increase transparency, and strengthen public policies. The application has a mass reach on society. The app offers variety of services as follows: • Traffic services: this includes fine payments, driver license verifications, traffic clearance certificate and road status notifications • Security Services: apply for Good of Conduct Certificate, reports, tourist security (tourist enquiry and complains) • Community Services: SOS (Emergency Calls), police leaders at your service (Allows the citizens to reach department managers for inquires & comments) • Other Services: fast track service (Scheduling appointments), news and Issued Document Authentication In addition, the app uses location services, to identify your position in case of emergencies, and to inform you about the nearest police stations. The look and feel made the app very clear, with the emphasis on the services.