5 Startups to check out on Sustainable Gastronomy day

On June 18, the world celebrates UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day - emphasizing the need to focus the world’s attention on the role that sustainable gastronomy can play.

Sustainable gastronomy means not only cooking meals and eating without large food waste - it also means shopping locally and committing to small and local suppliers, who use sustainable agricultural techniques, reduce energy waste when growing and preparing food, up-cycle food, use recyclable packaging and so much more!

Sustainable gastronomy day also reaffirms that all cultures and civilizations are contributors and crucial enablers of sustainable development.

Sustainable gastronomy can play a role due to its interlinkages with the three dimensions of sustainable development, in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting:

  • agricultural development;
  • food security;
  • nutrition;
  • sustainable food production; and
  • conservation of biodiversity


5 Startups to watch on Sustainable Gastronomy day:



WSA Winner 2018


yonodesperdicio is the first collaborative consumption web and mobile app to reduce food waste within Spanish households. It includes an awareness-raising component to explain how food waste and the current unsustainable food system affect the fight against hunger and the right to food. Above all, yonodesperdicio is a community of people helping reduce household food waste with simple gestures. The platform also makes it easy to share tips and recipes or create a contact network to ensure food sharing.


2. Geopotato

WSA Winner 2018


Approximately 750,000 small farmers in Bangladesh produce potatoes, accounting for the livelihoods of a significant population. Geopotato is a decision support system (DSS) for the control strategy of Late Blight, a potato disease causing annual yield losses of up to 57%. The platform computes weather data through Automated Weather Stations (AWS) installed at the potato plantations and determines whether environmental conditions are conducive to a potential attack. Potato farmers are provided with advice on preventive measures.


3. Kuza One

WSA Winner 2018


78% of the 570 million farms around the world are classified as smallholder farms. Kuza One is a platform and program offering agri-business mentorship and quality information, credit & marketing to these farmers. A member of the rural community is chosen to become an “agri-entrepreneur” serving 200 farmers with packages of practices and agri-extension services via the portable digital kit. The multi-facetted digital platform provides access to crop advisories, inputs, credit & market info on demand.


4. Plantix

WSA Winner 2016


Plantix is a mobile plant disease guide for gardeners, extension officials and farmers around the globe. By simply taking a picture of their diseased plant and sending it to PEATs server, users get a detection result within seconds - together with customized information on symptoms, triggers, preventive measures and biological as well as chemical control options for his or her problem.


5. Too good to go

WSA Winner 2016


Through the Too Good To Go app and website you can order delicious food from local restaurants, cafes and bakeries, collect it up to an hour before closing time and enjoy on-the-go in an environmentally-friendly TGTG sugarcane box. We’re all about feeling good whilst eating well! Our mission is to save food, save money and save the planet by placing the lost value back onto food as humankind’s most valuable energy resource, and not something that should just be carelessly throw in the bin.