Digital brain food for society - the 8 winners of the WSA Austria 2019 prove digital brilliance with social value




How can digital solutions help children with autism or ADHD? WSA Austria winner Brain Hero offers the solution. With a neurofeedback game BrainHero fosters concentration and brain functions in a playful way, the fields of application are indeed manifold.


The jury is in agreement, Brainhero is not only innovative, it is also inclusive. Just like SiMAX, a solution that allows deaf people to translate audio and videoinput in real life into sign language using an avatar.


Tackling the flood of information on the Internet, fake news and hate postings, the winners EscapeFake and With AI against hatred, using modern technology to filter information on the Internet and educate about false information.


With its winning project, the City of Vienna is taking on a pioneering role by using new technologies for community-based administration - Vienna provides space enables citizens to use public space, online, virtually and simply. Artivive is also a pioneer project of unique design.


Jury member Tanja Wehsely: "Here art is revived by AR, but not, as often seen, in hindsight, but immediately by the artist himself, a unique undertaking to revitalize art and make it interesting for a new audience."






Also in the area of ​​business solutions the WSA Austria winners are innovative and useful. With TeamEcho, the digital mood barometer, the mood in a company can be well analyzed to initiate measures to improve the working atmosphere. Hektar Nektar provides a marketplace for bees, thus supporting the beekeepers and bee enthusiasts community.