#WCID – Hack the World Creativity and Innovation day

"The World Summit Award gets a very broad view about rich and creative content from all over the world and narrows the content gap, gender gap, knowledge divide and skills divide", Peter A. Bruck, chairman of the World Summit Awards states.


The World Creativity and Innovation Day encourages everyone to imagine a different world with different solutions. To celebrate it, here's a short glimpse of some disruptive social entrepreneurs.


According to the UN, Internet Access is now a Human Right and even though there are 5 billion users using a mobile phone, 1 Billion does not have access to the internet or lacks a data plan.
Bridgefy from Mexico enables mobile apps to work when internet is not available. With a tech for good solution they are working to keep the world connected when the Internet is not available.




How can crowd funding build a kinder world? From Republic of Korea emerges a platform that helps adult and child patients with hospital bills, enables rural children to study, delivers free food to elderly people, and helps organizers raise funds for worthy causes. gives humanitarian support to countries in need, helping them to kick-start corporate social responsibility.




In Spain, it is understood that energy markets suffer from a lack of trust among stakeholders and unequal access of data. The Pylon Network is a functional open-source Blockchain algorithm designed especially for multiple energy stakeholders in a modern, digital electric grid.
They track and certify the source of energy, enhancing a customer engagement, including new digital energy services. With Pylon the end-user moves into the center of the energy transition.




Ecosia is a search engine using profits from advertising to plant trees in areas of deforestation and desertification. With the profit from your searches they plant trees where they are needed most.

What are you waiting for? Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every search.




Poverty, war and natural disasters cause millions of people to lack proof of identity. People´s Protection app is a multifactorial biometric mobile and desktop solution for accurate identification. Thanks to facial, fingerprint and palm vein recognition, we can now gather and analyse the ID data efficiently.


6. DOT

Visually impaired need to learn Braille to be able to read. DOT Incorporation provides interactive digital devices in order to access seamless information in braille and tactile image for the visually impaired people. A patented electromagnetic cell is the backbone of this revolutionary tactile display (watch, e-book, kiosk, etc).


7. Water

In Ghana, 300 tons of plastic waste, mostly packaged water, are produced daily, but only 5 % are recycled. The NSUO or “Water” app provides smart supply chain management powered by cloud infrastructure, big data analysis and AI algorithms, to track plastic flow, recommending optimal routing of pick up and transfer to recycling start-ups. NSUO can be a solution scaled up to the whole African continent in the next few years.




People suffering from epilepsy live in permanent uncertainty. A wearable earbud tracks brain activity and assesses risk of seizure for epilepsy patients and caregivers MJN’S Next Step checks the risks of having an epileptic seizure before it happens. It improves quality of life and challenges the social stigma of epilepsy. They're the perfect example what is technology with impact about.