The World Summit on Information Society process towards 2025 is the framework for WSA and all our shared efforts and work to promote, select and award best practice in content driven interactive digital applications and solutions.

The World Summit Award gets a very broad view about rich and creative content from all over the world and narrows the content gap, gender gap, knowledge divide and skills divide.
All social entrepreneurs share the perspective that it is crucial to build the right community, reach users, attract an audience. Technology is not the issue.

Community means a lot of different things, but needs to be built by each new project or enterprise. WSA has built a unique global network of experts and ambassadors supporting young social entrepreneurs, developers and change makers and promoting the WSA social entrepreneurs and start-ups worldwide. In a significant and recognized contribution to the UN objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is a key factor to give digital innovators a unique opportunity to join a global network of knowledge and inspiration.

Prof. DDr. Peter A. Bruck studied law, economics, sociology and communications at the universities of Vienna, Iowa and McGill. He holds doctorates in law and communications and has taught at universities in Canada, the US and Western Europe plus Israel and Poland.


He has more than 25 years experience in research, university teaching and information technologies in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the US and Canada. Mr. Bruck received numerous awards and fellowships in Europe, the US and Canada and is listed in the Canadian and Austrian Who's Who.


He founded, built and headed research institutes at three universities, and he is a senior partner of the ICRA (International Communications Research Associates) in Ottawa, Canada.