Celebrating the Winning Student Teams | Univation’s Online Phase

With its multi-academia participation, the WSA UniVation program brings together students from around the world, exchanging and collaborating in interdisciplinary teams. The students work together to solve entrepreneurial challenges and build solutions for problems addressing the UN SDGs.

Over the course of 7 weeks 9 student teams compiled an entrepreneurial venture analysis, hosted by a former WSA Winner. The real-life ventures of the WSA entrepreneurs ranged from online learning to financial services, with the goal for the students to engage in collaboration to identify improvements. In the final phase the student teams presented their recommendations to an international jury and gained hands-on experience on pitching a business analysis to an objective expert audience.

Through the WSA UniVation program, the participants gained skills in collaboration, the effective application on the skills they developed during the academic year, to come up with concrete results and presenting them to experts and peers alike. The participants also practiced their language skills and got a better understanding for different cultures, people and approaches from different disciplines.

The 3 winning student teams of the WSA UniVation online program 2023 are:

1. eFlow Education | Team A:


2. InspireLearn | Team B:


3. Naa Sika: