With support from the IETF NG & Ngtrans Working Groups and the IPv6 Deployment Initiative, Latif initiated the foundation of the IPv6 Forum in May 1999 (, of which he is the President. He also served as chairman of the European IPv6 Task Force (, is an Emeritus Trustee of the Internet Society (ISOC) ( and a Board Member of the IPv6 Ready Logo Program ( Furthermore, Latif works at the University of Luxembourg as a Senior Researcher on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Projects (6INIT -  – First Pioneer IPv6 Research Project, 6WINIT- , NGNi -, EURo6IX-, Eurov6 -  In addition, Latif is involved in the following projects:  IPv6 Security & Privacy project -  Security Expert Initiative (SEINIT) - , European Security Task Force project - SecurIST: , u-2010 Emergency & Disaster and Crisis Management -, Public Safety Communication Forum -, FIPSANS project  -, Secricom Safety & Security Project - and IRMA Project (Integrated Risk management for Africa using IPv6) -,. Latif is a member of 3GPP PCG  (, 3GPP2 PCG (,  the Vice Chair of IEEE ComSoc EntNET), (, a member of UN ICT Task Force Policy WG, a member of IEC Executive Committee,  a member of the ITU-T Informal Forum Summit, a Board Member of TSF (“Technologies Sans Frontieres”), a Board member of AW2I ( ), a Board Member of Nii Quaynor Institute for Research in Africa, and a Board member of WSA