“I want you to learn what cannot be taught.”

Product Design and Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
Author of The Awesome Department.
Co-founder of Factory of Imagination – Scandinavia’s largest imagination event.



Inventor, author, innovator, and educator, Adam Montandon loves to share his knowledge and energy. He uses playfulness and interactivity to help you unlock your full creative potential. You never have to be stuck with anything boring ever again.


As an expert at SDU in Denmark, he has given inspiring keynotes at many universities and events around the world. Highlights include the prestigious Royal Institute of Science in London, Berkeley University in California, Transmedial in Berlin, MipTV in Cannes, TEDxLinz in Austria, and many more.


His work appears in magazines, newspapers and TV programs around the world. He has featured in award-winning documentaries for Discovery Channel and Research TV.


As an educator, Adam’s results are unique. One of his students became the first Cyborg ever recognized by a government. He flew his class from Copenhagen to California to have a lesson on Venice beach. He teaches experience design while riding rollercoasters. His homework includes bungee jumping from the tallest skyscraper in Las Vegas.


In 2015 Adam invited Google and NASA experts to create what leading Danish newspaper Politiken called “The world’s best lesson”. 500 students and 100 businesses joined his "Factory of Imagination" special event.


Adam has spent the past four years researching new ways of combining work, play, and education. He can help you formalize the freaky, manage the mind-blowing, and structure the strange.