Amila Mujkić is an incoming freshman at University of Pennsylvania, one of the most prominent universities in the world, pursuing major in Computer Engineering, minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship, and minor in Cognitive Science.  An olympiad competitor from Mathematics and Computer Science, founder of two start-ups Thrivy and EcoHeat. Mentoring younger generations and a competitive swimmer. Striving for gender equality and thus a part of Young Lions supported by the USA Embassy, alumni of European Youth Parliament and a PR member of Association of High School Students.

She is always trying to help those in need and to fix problems in the society. She has over 80 medals and certificates from both international and national competitions. The ones that she is most proud of are:

  • Bronze medal at Junior Balkan Math Olympiad
  • 1st places at National Junior Math and National Junior Physics Olympiad
  • Two times TOP 10 places at Microsoft World Championship
  • 4 gold medals and 1st place at Intellectuals’ Challenge at Cambridge University
  • Gold medals at Online Bosnian Programming Competitions
  • Gold medal at Mediterranean Math Competition
  • Bronze medal at Mediterranean Math Youth Championship
  • 1st place at International UNICEF Hackathon in Serbia
  • 1st place at EYA Impact Weekend in Sarajevo
  • 1st place at SSST Hackathon in Sarajevo