Arsham Edalatkhah is a 20 years old student, currently attending the senior year of the Higher Technical College Leonding, in Software Engineering. His favorite subjects are Programming, English and Sports. He volunteered for different events at school, for instance the trial programming, where they teach programming basics to middle school students. Besides that, he holds lectures at a local middle school NMS Hart about social competence and the art of communication. Arsham has also completed peer training, which allows him to provide tutoring to junior students at HTL Leonding. Arsham is the founder of the Creative Masterminds Club in Leonding with currently 60+ members. He hosts a variety of workshops to teach other students a wide range of creative skills from radio training courses to presentation techniques.
Arsham also co-founded a social matchmaking platform called “Nochba” (neighbour in Austrian dialect). He is originally from the I.R. Iran.