Welcome to Erste Campus, headquarters of Erste Group Bank and a thriving, open venue in the heart of Europe.


Having created George, the largest pan-European digital banking platform, we at Erste Group believe that meaningful digital innovation can improve the financial lives of millions. Our original purpose, for more than 200 years now, has been to democratise access to finance. This is the most direct way we know of empowering people in our region. In our current context of social polarization, this purpose has become more relevant than ever -- and technology will help us broaden financial inclusion and financial education.


For more than a decade, Erste Group has been fostering social banking activities across Central and Eastern Europe through a combination of financial solutions, education and mentoring. It is perhaps one of the most important things we can do in a region where millions of people are still left behind, at risk of poverty. But it is also true to say that if we are to transform things on a meaningful scale, we need to partner with multipliers and change makers. So we have engaged very energetically with NGOs and social entrepreneurs, and we are doing everything in our power to help them expand their services, outreach and impact.


One thing is clear: finding practical solutions to today's complex social problems can only be achieved by harnessing the power of networks. The World Summit Award – WSA Global Congress is known for connecting digital pioneers with societal impact and we are looking forward to hosting inspiring presentations, workshops and exchanges at Erste Campus in March 2020!


Bernd Spalt
CEO of Erste Group Bank