Dr. Bohdan Androshchuk is a head of Eastern Partnership Unit at NGO ChildFund Deutschland that is a child protection organization that aims to improve the future opportunities of children in need, their families, and their entire environment on an international scale since 1978. Dr. Androshchuk develops and implements together with German, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Georgian and Armenian donors, civil society organizations and schools strategic development cooperation programs especially in the social entrepreneurial field in the Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) to achieve positive changes in societal, social and economic fields. He is a co-founder and a board member at Ukrainian Social Venture Fund and a social investor at Urban Space 500 in Ukraine.  He is an initiator of the education concept of social student companies (SSC) in Ukraine and Georgia.


Dr. Androshchuk is a member of the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany), the umbrella organization for the social entrepreneurial sector in Germany. He developed and conducted programes and projects together with about 25 civil society organizations in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. He published several articles and thoughts about social entrepreneurship. Dr. Androshchuk's point of view is that social entrepreneurship is the best instrument of development cooperation and should be developed very strongly worldwide, especially about the innovative educational concept "Social Student Companies" in schools. He advises and builds on German-Ukrainian civil society relations, especially in the area of social entrepreneurship, and strengths civil society structures in the Eastern Partnership countries through development cooperation.  He speaks Ukrainian, German, English and Russian.