Hi, I'm El Ghali Ouali Alami, I'm a Med Student, Social Entrepreneur, Climate and Health Advocate, and Youth Worker. I'm on a mission to positively change and impact my community through innovation, initiatives and giving back, as I strongly believe in the power of youth.


I'm extremely passionate about innovation in healthcare, as I always look for new ways to impact patients in a more systemic and impactful manner, through projects and initiatives dedicated to better the lives of those affected.


In 2020, I have co-founded DigiBlood, a Moroccan NGO with the sole mission to strengthen blood donation culture in Morocco, as well as better the access to healthcare for those most in need. Currently, we are working on the digitalisation of the blood donation sector through technology and innovation.


I strongly believe in the power of youth to change our world and to build an inclusive, sustainable and resilient society, thus I'm proud to serve and give back to the youth community across the world.