Jennifer Obiorah is an award-winning climate activist whose achievements and breakthroughs in the climate, environmental, economic, and SDG sectors are a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating positive change and her visionary leadership.


Her initiatives have been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of environmental sustainability. She has successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the textile, plastic, and furniture industry by 40 percent in her community, Enugwu Agidi, and neighborhood. Her relentless pursuit of a greener future has positioned her as a frontrunner in the race to combat climate change. Through her sustainable businesses, TeamUpcyclers and Eagles Footwear, she upcycle textile wastes gathered from tailors shops into reusable sanitary pad and artworks, waste leather gathered from furniture makers into eco-friendly footwears and bags.


As an educator, climate champion, and an SDG Advocate, she has successfully educated over over 5000 students and internally displaced persons on how to achieve carbon net zero emissions in their fields and the SDGs across Anambra State and Abuja Nigeria.


She founded Eagles Essentials, a business that deals with the production and supply of domestic household essentials like liquid soap, bleach, sanitizers, etc. as an avenue to repurpose plastic waste, as she reuses waste plastic picked up from household incinerators and landfills for packaging her products.


Jennifer has successfully established an SDG team at the Christle Model School in Amawbia and taught her students how to repurpose textile waste into reusable sanitary pads and artworks. She has taught the youths of her parish how to make domestic household essentials and package them with plastic wastes.


Jennifer's humanitarian services has been recognized and rewarded by various organizations ie. 2023 Youth Spotlight Award by Oxfam and Nigeria Youth SDGs, "The Humanitarian Award" from the MasterCard Women SME Leaders Award 2023, Nobel Laureate for Women Empowerment by Food and Agriculture Youth Institute many others.


Jennifer's impacts in the climate sector has reached far and beyond the African continent. She's an African Union Delegate at the African Climate Summit Kenya, a COY17 and COY18 delegate, COP28 working group member, NYFF delegate, Bow Seat Fellowship Grantee, Youth Climate Fund Grantee, Goshen Impact Fund Grantee, and the Winner of December 2022 edition of Trash To Cash Challenge. Jennifer's journey has been marked by numerous professional challenges and setbacks, including poverty, hardship, balancing teaching work with volunteering, engaging in SDG advocacy, and establishing successful businesses. However, she has triumphed over adversity through her resilience.


Jennifer’s life experience shaped her into the values-driven global leader she is today. Her humble beginnings have instilled in her a deep empathy for marginalized communities and a strong sense of social responsibility. Her passion for sustainable development and environmental justice is rooted in her personal experiences, allowing her to connect with people on a profound level.